How to Hire a Web App Developer: Job Posting Teardown

Two years ago, on a whim, I signed up for an account on Elance, and just barfed out my idea with all it’s features stream of consciousness style onto the job post.  There was no structure to the post and I gave no guidance.  If you read the job post out loud, it sounded like I was explaining my idea to my friends at a bar rather than me trying to explain to a developer how he or she should turn my idea into an app.

As you can imagine, this is a costly mistake.  Because I didn’t provide enough detail upfront, I paid for it in all the back and forth emails.

If this happens to you and your developer is in another timezone, they’ll have to wait 12 hours until you’re awake to get clarification.  Wasted time and wasted money.

Here’s a job posting that I found recently on Elance that is many times better than the first one I created.  This sounds like someone that has maybe done one or two projects using outsourced developers before.  There’s still some room for improvement, though.

Job Posting Teardown 1

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